Quilt Study 

AQSG 2018 Quilt Study

200 Years of Solid Color Quilts: Cultural and Regional Distinctions, 1800-2000

The American Quilt Study Group encourages sound research in quilt history. It was founded in 1980 by a group who believe that quilts hold unique stories and essential history.

The AQSG Quilt Study challenges members to learn the history of an individual quilt by selecting one that addresses a specified design, style, or period, and then make a small replica or interpretation of it. In their written statement, participants examine what they learned and evaluate influences on the original quiltmaker’s life, style, and technique.

AQSG and the 2018 Quilt Study co-chairs, Jill Meszaros and Sandra Starley, invite members to join in and create a reproduction quilt for the tenth biennial AQSG Quilt Study. The focus of the 2018 Study will be 200 Years of Solid Color Quilts: Cultural and Regional Distinctions, 1800-2000. This theme is full of possibilities and your inspiration quilt could be a distinctive style such as Amish, American Indian, Hawaiian, other Pacific island, or Indian Ralli quilts. Or maybe you will focus on a regional style such as Maryland Albums, the cheddar yellow popular in parts of Pennsylvania, the Seminole piecing of Florida, or the wool quilts of Canada and other northern areas. Your inspiration quilt need not be American and does not have to be an antique as the study covers 200 years of quilting. This study serves as a way of learning about our quilt heritage and to help promote AQSG. Start searching for your inspiring Solid Color Quilt now!

The 200 Years of Solid Color Quilts will be exhibited at the AQSG 2018 Seminar in Bethesda, Maryland. The quilt study is limited to fifty entries and a maximum of twenty five will be selected as a traveling exhibit.

Find more details about the 2018 Quilt Study and how to enter on the AQSG website www.americanquiltstudygroup.org. Sign up will begin January 2, 2017.

If you have questions please contact the Quilt Study Committee at AQSGQuiltStudy@yahoo.com or by phone at (814)398-8719 (Jill Meszaros), 26614 Johnstown Rd., Cambridge Springs, PA 16403 (address to mail forms).