Quilt Study 

AQSG Announces the 2014 Study of
Civil War Quilts: 1850-1865

AQSG invites members to join in and create a reproduction quilt for the seventh biennial AQSG Quilt Study for the 2014. The focus of the 2014 Study will be Quilts from the Civil War: 1850-1865 covering the years leading up to and including the American Civil War.  This study serves as a way of learning about our quilt heritage and to help promote AQSG.

Please take a few minutes to read through the following guidelines. As the popularity and participation in the Quilt Studies has grown, it has become necessary to adjust some of the requirements. Most important are the guidelines for obtaining per­mission from the owner of the original quilt or quilt image used as inspiration for the Participant’s quilt. Therefore, it is a good idea to obtain the required permission before beginning your study project.

If you plan to participate in the 2014 Quilt Study, it is important to promptly notify the Quilt Study Committee as soon as possible to receive forms and updated information as it becomes available (see contact information below). Exhibit space at Seminar will be limited to fifty (50) quilts and preference will be given to Participants ACCORDING TO THE POSTMARK DATE OF THE FIRST PERMISSION FORM RECEIVED.

The following rules apply:

  • For purposes of this Quilt Study a Civil War Quilt is defined as a quilt made between the years 1850-1865.  The inspiration quilt must be clearly identifiable as a quilt from this time period using traditional methods of dating textiles. 
  • Participants may create an exact replica of the inspiration quilt, reproduce a portion of the inspiration quilt, or create a quilt ‘inspired’ by the inspiration quilt.
  • Only AQSG Members may participate on any individual or group project.  Each individual and/or group will be limited to submitting one quilt.
  • An overall maximum measurement of 200 inches total for all four sides will be strictly enforced.
  • To be considered a Quilt Study Participant each individual or group must submit a completed and signed Participant Release form to hold a place in the Seminar Exhibit.  This form MUST BE SENT VIA REGULAR MAIL AND MUST NOT BE POSTMARKED PRIOR TO JANUARY 2, 2013. Forms will be accepted as exhibit space allows through August 1, 2014.  A waiting list will be created when the 50 spaces available at the Seminar Exhibit have been filled.
  • In addition to the Participant Permission form, a completed and signed Permission to Use Quilt Image or Photograph form; a digital image in .jpg format of the inspiration quilt; and a completed Written Statement Submission form that includes the written statement of 150-400 words regarding the project must be submitted to the Quilt Study Committee no later than August 1, 2014.
  • For a quilt to be considered for a planned travelling exhibit all items listed above must be submitted to the Quilt Study Committee no later than August 1, 2014.  Additional quilts will be accepted for the exhibit as late as the installation date of the exhibit at Seminar, but only if exhibit space is available.
  • The Participant Release, Permission to Use Quilt Image or Photograph, and the Written Statement Submission forms should be obtained from the Quilt Study Committee.
  • The photograph of the inspiration quilt must be in .jpg file format either as an email attachment or on a disk sent via regular mail.  Scanned images are discouraged.
  • A written statement containing 150-400 words must be submitted with a completed Written Statement Submission Form.  The statement should indicate why the inspiration quilt was chosen and how it relates to the quilt study topic, what approach was taken in making the new quilt and what was learned through participation in this Quilt Study.  The written statement must be provided as a Word compatible document sent as an email attachment or on a disk sent through the regular mail.
  • Incomplete projects will not be accepted. All submitted quilts must be finished (i.e., quilted and bound).  All submitted quilts must also have a 4” sleeve attached, and a label(s) with your name and address and assigned Participant Number must be included in a bottom corner on the back of the quilt.
  • Any quilt that does not fit within the guidelines of this study may not be considered for inclusion in the travelling exhibit.

Contact information:  AQSG Quilt Study Committee, AQSGQuiltStudy@yahoo.com,
or by phone at
(209) 629-8915 Florence McConnell,
2427 Appleleaf Lane, Manteca CA 95336 (address to mail forms).