Uncoverings 2000

Uncoverings 2000

Volume 21 of the Research Papers of the American Quilt Study Group

Edited by Virginia Gunn

(ISBN 1-877859-16-8)

192 pages, 40 illustrations, index

Availability: available  -  $10


  • Laurel Horton,  An "Old-Fashioned Quilting" in 1910
  • Xenia E. Cord,  Textiles and Cooperative Commerce in Colonial America: The Example of William McCormick
  • Phyllis S. Herda,  Creating a New Tradition: Quilting in Tonga
  • Rachel K. Pannabecker, Ethel Ewert Abrahams,  "Better Choose Me": Addiction to Tobacco, Collecting, and Quilting, 1880-1920
  • Susan Price Miller,  Hubert Ver Mehren and Home Art Studios
  • Lisa Gabbert,  "Petting the Fabric": Medium and the Creative Process
  • Marsha MacDowell,  Quilts and Their Stories: Revealing a Hidden History

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