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The American Quilt Study Group establishes and promotes the highest standards for interdisciplinary quilt-related studies, providing opportunities for study, research, and the publication of work that advance the knowledge of quilts and related subjects.

Uncoverings 2016 now Available!


Each year AQSG publishes an annual journal of the papers presented at our Seminar. Uncoverings premiers essays that represent the most recent advances in quilt and related research. Featured papers have covered areas such as cultural roles associated with quilting and quilters, period analysis of quilting, and studies on quilt media. The softbound volume includes both color and black and white illustrations.

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In War Time: A Study of Civil War Era Quilts 1850 - 1865 by the American Quilt Study Group

In War Time


Our self-published book showcasing our 2014 Study Quilts is here! Completed by a small group of volunteers, this book features all 50 of the study quilts that were displayed at the 2014 Seminar along with photos of the inspiration quilts and the written statements.

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The book is available for $21.95.

2014 Civil War Era Quilt Study

A Quilt For James

Fifty Quilts were exhibited at AQSG Seminar held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in September 2014. The 2014 Quilt Study theme was Civil War Quilts. All inspiration quilts were required to be identifiable as a 'Civil War Quilt' defined as a quilt made between the years 1850-1865 for purpose of this Quilt Study. It is up to each Participant to determine their own construction methods for their projects based upon information available about the original quilt. The Study Quilts are limited to a 200” perimeter.


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